Whoever said Copper isn’t as good as gold has never skied at Copper Mountain in Colorado. This month long camp absolutely flew by amid days upon days of perfectly grippy snow. Aside from losing a slalom pole to the american highway sweepers, it was a smooth and productive camp. The altitude took a while to get used to as it made the hours spent in the gym feel completely redundant when you could barely walk up a flight of stairs without an inhaler. Living at 9,000ft and skiing up at 12,000ft, to quote my teammate, “makes your lungs feel like an asthmatic chain smoker”. A few more girls joined the ranks, completing the ISRA team for the 2018/19 season bringing it up to 12 FIS girls. All being in one house you’d think it’d be a bit cramped but as per the American stereotype of bigger is better, the house we were in was of a size where some of the girls I barely saw aside from meals.

I was able to harness some more speed and just in time for the races that rounded off our time in America. The races at Copper were a mixed bag of good runs and mistakes but I came out of the 4 day race series with a score in both Super g (68 points) and GS (30 points)! A solid start to the season with plenty more opportunities to come once we reach Europe.

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