I started this southern season in NZ, jumping into a few weeks of training as Nationals were quickly upon us. Unfortunately I did not ski to my capabilities in GS but I did manage to sneak into 3rd Overall in the National champs Slalom! However, I wasn’t happy with where I was at in my preparation for the Northern Hemisphere season. There was far too much I wanted to change about my skiing and not enough time amongst the allotted races to do it in. My Northern Hemisphere team was heading to Chile for a training camp and after talking it over with my new coaches, I decided that this was my best option for overall growth.

I flew over to Chile 3 weeks ago to meet up with my teammates in La Parva. As each day passed by I was more and more thankful for my decision to focus back on the fundamentals of my skiing. I started making changes to both my GS and SL that was sticking with more ease than I have experienced in a while. It certainly took a couple days to adjust to living at 2670 m (8760 ft) above sea level and training even higher! Despite some of the warmest and sunniest weather I’ve been in for some time, the snow was pristine. Some days we would train for hours and barely leave a dent in the track. It was the prime opportunity to make some solid changes and I am determined to pick up exactly where I left off when we touch back down on snow in Colorado 7 weeks from now. Having just returned home I shall soon be back into the gym to make as many gains as possible before November.

ISRA Chile crew

Huge thanks to my incredible coaches, Chris Knight and Jeff Fergus. Your expertise is as extensive as your patience! Also thanks to my ever loving and supportive family, especially with all my last minute changes.
Here’s a short wee taste of my time in Chile: