Everything is in count down mode at the moment. Just had my last exam and have  finished 13 years of steady schooling regime. Two more days of having to tie a tie and wear the StAC uniform. Four days till I fly out to Austria for almost 5 months of training and racing. And not a lot of time to pack everything in amongst that. Needless to say I am beyond ecstatic that I will now be able to fully concentrate on skiing without any sort of school work, although I will try to learn German over this next year or so. It is sad that I'll be leaving such an amazing group of people as they all head off to university but I know I'll keep in contact with most of them.I've been working hard to keep up with all my gym work but to be honest it is great to be able to have an excuse to get out of my study hovel and do something else that's productive. I'm super excited for this Northern Hemisphere season as I am heading into new territory. This season I shall be training with Ambition Racing Team but lucky for me they are based in the same area I trained in last year, Leogang. So, new team, old town. It'll be good to meet some new people and have a new training environment. I have no doubt that everything will go smoothly and this will be a cracker of a season for me.

I've finally managed to throw together a video of this past season's skiing. Far later than I anticipated but I hope you enjoy it :)