20140725-094630-35190557.jpg We've kicked off New Zealand season with some pretty interesting conditions. Luckily we had a snow storm last week, Coronet Peak has been making snow like crazy and it's been snowing on and off all week so we finally have a half-decent base. I'm currently down in Queenstown staying with my friend's most amazing family and training at Coronet Peak with Coberger Academy. As always it is a fantastic opportunity for me to train with these men, surrounding myself with some really good skiers gives me even more incentive to better my skiing.I've improved my skiing so much in the small amount of three weeks. I now know the feeling I'm trying to achieve at the top of the turn and am starting to incorporate it into my skiing more often than not. Slowly but surely, my skiing is changing for the better. A huge aspect of that is also my fitness. I do believe I am fitter than I've ever been at the start of the season. Also my fitness regime has changed a bit which I think has helped immeasurably. It's been good enough to do some Super G which has been great to slow down and almost isolate movements to really exaggerate the feelings I'm trying to achieve.

Although the snow cover is pretty terrible for most of the country, the races scheduled for next week should happen with only minor changes. Cardrona looks fine for getting the races off but Treble Cone isn't looking promising at all. Their snow base has been shocking so there is the possibility those races will move to Cardrona instead. Time will tell! For the mean time we have a couple days off before we get back into some GS. I'm thoroughly enjoying watching the common wealth games and just as I say that the New Zealand Cycling Men's Sprint Team set a games record in the qualifying round with a time of 43.181 and then went on to win gold!!!! Go New Zealand!!!!!! #makingusproud