I've only been home for two months and I already miss skiing like crazy! Although with all the bad weather we are having we ought to get a really good season this year. I feel like I ought to have more time seeing as I'm not skiing but this is definitely not the case. With school work, prefect duties and dryland keeping me fairly busy I barely have time to catch up with friends. Yet somehow I always manage to fit everything in. I think balance is key and although I am really busy I do have the balance in my life between all the things I love and need to do.

I've been so stoked to get back in to Canterbury Strength Institute and continue to improve my lifting. After just over a month I was back to lifting the weights I was using before I departed last year. I'm also really glad to have finally been able to find lifting shoes in my size. With my tiny feet it makes this sort of thing a bit of a mission but the stability they bring to my lifts is incredible.

I've been fiddling around on the FIS website and noticed that between the beginning of 2013 to now, I have dropped my GS FIS World ranking by 674 places and my Slalom FIS ranking by 659. This means that I have  made it  into the top 1,000 female Alpine athletes in the world out of 3800 senior women (16yrs up, open age group)!

So back to school and lots of internals but not long now till the NZ season. Snow is already on the hills and Mt Hutt is planning to open on June 7th! Bring on winter!