DSCF0203 I've now been in Colorado for a week and am absolutely loving it! Well, loving everything besides the temperature. I had about a 45 degree temperature change from New Zealand to here but now it is becoming even colder! Most days have been around -20 degrees Celsius or slightly colder. However, yesterday when we tried to train slalom there was an air temperature of -26 plus the wind chill of -35. It wouldn't have been too bad if it wasn't for the wind but we powered through it anyway and managed to get three decent runs in the course even with multiple breaks to keep warm.


Last Sunday I was lucky enough to fore run the women's GS at Loveland even though I'd only done a day and a half on GS skis. I'm pleased to say my first run had me picking up almost where I left off at the end of the NZ season. My second run on the other hand had some mistakes which need addressing but on the whole it was a good way to properly kick off the Northern Hemisphere training and racing season.

Next week there is  a four day Noram series of two GS and two Sl's. My coach and I have decided it would be more beneficial for me to train next Sunday and  hopefully fore run the second day of GS and the two slaloms so that I have consolidated what I'm working on before jumping into races. Sadly this means I will only get one set of races here in the U.S which will be the Steamboat Slaloms. This is a three day event for me. The first day being a National Jr race, followed by two days of normal FIS slaloms. Straight after that we pack up and leave for Europe!