There are still a lot of kinks that need to be ironed out in this website but it's coming along quite nicely. Especially as life's become really hectic with my NCEA level 2 exams soon. Somehow, between study, school and more study I find time to get to the gym to keep up my fitness This year the high performance sports coordinator at my school and I put together a program made from the SSA booklet I received from Manfred Wolscher.  That has benefited me hugely over the season as it is a far more precise program than anything I've worked with before. Yet there are always more things I can learn.

20131028-121229.jpgA few weeks ago I started learning the proper techniques for Olympic weight lifting. I've been so lucky to have found an amazing coach, Lee Attrill (thanks to mum :D), who is incredibly particular about technique, right down to the way you hold your elbows and wrists (I never knew there was so much technique in just holding the bar correctly!). Because we've focused so much on technique I'm only just beginning to add more weights on. The nearest goal is to make my base weight for lifting 40kgs. I started out with just a broomstick and just a couple days ago I cleaned 37kgs which is a big step for me. But it's all a process and I want to thank Canterbury Strength Institute (CSI - home of Olympic lifting) for everything I've learnt so far and will continue to learn.